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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Saturday 17/10/ 2020 #toastresidency

Tuesday 20/10/2020 #toastresidency

Workshops online have returned me to my love of embroidery and the calmness and fulfilment it brings. I have been looking at embroidery from India and Bangladesh though the Toast Kantha Embroidery with Ekta Kaul workshop I completed on Thursday. I have a long way to go but have also returned to my own work using a very abstract stitching based on my old illustrative style and I am am happy with its progress. It is deeply meditative and I love listening to music as I do this.

Recent tracks have been:

Jakub Józef Orliński & The King's Singers Purcell: Music for a while, Z.582 - single - great counter tenor:

Also Sam Walton whose

Looking to combine though appliqué and continuing the Kantha stitching. This is all from a combination of Toast workshops I have been doing over lockdown. Very time consuming but so peaceful. Enjoying allowing it to evolve. Adding in experimentations of my own and using this as a sampler to improve my skills. I am NOT after perfection, if anything I am celebrating adjusting and revising as I go along. No pressure.

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