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17/10/ 2020: Autumn thinking................

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

It was cold on my walk yesterday. The leaves are turning fast now but the crisp air was invigorating.

I am planning the next few months, moving towards winter is not straightforward. Keeping my brain calm and searching for the language and strategies I want to explore to make the most of my time. So breaking this down, my first question could be:

What is my time about?

I am keen to be approaching the natural state of dying by empowering myself through being creative and looking to have peace around me. One can become very anxious and stressed and not necessarily recognise this.

Blue skies and olive trees reflect summer and I still yearn for the quality of the skies at this time.

Kicking leaves and see the abundance or fruit and berries readying themselves for renewal as well as giving themselves to the birds and animals to disperse are the

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